Responsive Website Development, Somerset

The look and feel for your website is provided by a template or "theme". A theme allows you to add pages of different types and layouts but retain an overall consistency. Your theme should reflect the character of your business and allow site visitors to navigate easily. As you add new pages and content your site menu will provide navigation to the page automatically.

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Designed for Everyone, Everywhere

Nowadays more and more users visit websites using a Smartphone or tablet, a site that appears small and is cumbersome to navigate on one of these devices will irritate visitors and could lose you potential custom. Themes can be specifically designed to respond to the device the website is displayed on and display content in a way which is appropriate to the size of the screen, these are called responsive themes.

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Concrete5 CMS Developer, Taunton and Bath, Somerset

A content management system (CMS) allows you to easily update and manage the content on you website. You can add new pages, update text, add images and use image scrollers, photo albums and display videos. Concrete5 is a very flexible CMS and has proven to be as easy to use as a word processor for managing a website. We recommend Concrete5 for most content based websites and are very experienced in supporting it.

Wordpress Developer, Taunton and Bath, Somerset

If a large part of your website will be a blog (articles or news added regularly) Wordpress is a great platform. Wordpress has a vast library of themes and plugins available to provide your website's design and extend its functionality. Wordpress is a little less user-friendly than Concrete5 but as it is widely used you may have some previous experience you can draw on. We have supported and developed many Wordpress sites if this is your preferred approach.

Opencart Developer, Taunton and Bath, Somerset

If your intention is to sell products online you will need an e-commerce solution. Opencart is free to use software for the development of an online shop. We have extensive experience in setting up customising and supporting Opencart to provide great looking and richly functional e-commerce sites.