Using a Blog for Marketing


A blog is simply a collection of web pages that are articles usually having the the following characteristics:

  • A title
  • An author
  • A date published
  • Some text and often an image
  • Subject and category tags for grouping articles

Wordpress is the most commonly used blog platform but most Content Management Systems allow you to create a blog.

A blog is useful to keep your website "fresh" and to allow you to regualrly create new "shareable" content.

Blog Demographics

Blogs are more in depth than many social media posts, the average age of a blog reader is 40.

Average Age of Blog Reader is 40

Blog Marketing Tips

Blogs make a great source of shareable content, if you include great photos or images in your blog posts they will look better when shared on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

Blog Pitfalls

Articles that are very lenghty are less likley to be read and shared. Keep it fairly brief and post often.