Using Pinterest for Marketing


Pinterest allows you to create pin boards of "stuff you like" that you found when browsing the web. You have to have a Pin-it button intalled in your browser, some websites provide them on their images. When you pin a web page you can choose an image from it to be shown on your pin board together with a description. If someone clicks on the image on your pin board they will be taken to the original source website.

Pinterest Demographics

Pinterest is female dominated with more than 60% of the users. Food and fashion is popular.

60% Pinterest Users are Female

Pinterest Marketing Tips

You can create a pin board to represent your personality, likes and dislikes from across the internet. Pinning pages from your own website if you have strong imagery can be beneficial. The description you add and the name of your pinboard will influence wheter your pins are found. You can encourage visitors to pin your website pages with good images and builtin Pin-it buttons.

Pinterest Pitfalls

The pinning process can be quite cumbersome to set up and use.