Using Linkedin for Marketing


Linkedin is the only social network specifically for business to business networking. You write a profile for yourself, can post updates and have a news feed much like Facebook. It's key differences are:

  • Your profile is like a CV
  • You can have a public profile and one which is only visible to confirmed contacts
  • You can pay to upgrade your account to get more marketting facilities
  • It is "work only" with much fewer general posts
  • It is used heavily for "self promotion"

LinkedIn Demographics

Linkedin has over 450 Million users with a male bias (>56%).

56% LinkedIn Users are Male

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Joining, contributing to and/or creating Linkedin groups that are relevant to your sphere of expertise is a good way to raise your profile. You can pay to message Linkedin members that fit chosen criteria.

LinkedIn Pitfalls

Linkedin is heavily used by recruitment consultants and marketeers who will ask to connect with you in order to promote themselves, choose your connections wisely if you want to avoid spam.