Email Marketing

Email marketing is as straightforward as it sounds; marketing via email. Sending out branded emails with useful information about the products that you sell and important updates about the industry in which you operate which could be helpful to your target customers. The intention is to turn potential prospects into buying customers.

Business to Business

Email marketing provides fantastic return on investment for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business organisations. It is used as the prime marketing and sales avenue for many business-to-business organisations as social media is irrelevant because their target market do not frequent social media sites.

Keep your customers informed with Mailchimp

Mailchimp Support

Maichimp is a great tool for creating email marketing campaigns. If your volumes are relatively small and you are happy to have light Mailchimp branding on your emails it can be used for free. Getting used to Mailchimp often needs some technical support. The creation of engaing email templates that work well on all devices (including mobiles) also requires some expertise. We are very experienced in both these areas and happily provide you with support as necessary.