OMG My Dad is on Facebook - A Survival Guide

3353721292_12ca1f2b02_m.jpgYou may have come across the situation where one or more of your parents, fully adopting the Silver Surfer mantle have decided to create a Facebook account and become your friend. This is all wonderful and can be a great way to keep in touch, however you may well need to gently guide them on Facebook Etiquette.

The first thing you may see is that having found your profile on Facebook your parent will see the "Write something" box and (thinking this is like sending a letter or email) send you a fairly personal message which is then visible to all your friends, at best and at worst completely public (depending on their/your default privacy settings).

This is likely to be followed by likes and/or comments on every photo you have ever posted.

Our suggestion is that you politely send them this a link to this useful blog post or better still print it out with a little nudge about online security, ie. don't post a status like "Going on holiday for two weeks hope the house will be OK when I'm away"

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon (Creative Commons)